This Week In CloseBrace - 5/12/17

Man, I should've titled this post "this week in computer troubles" because it's been a real pain. On Monday, my PC decided to hard-lock on boot and then refused to see my boot drive for an hour or so (and when it finally did, behaved very oddly for a few more hours). On Tuesday, I ran into both technical and personal difficulties while recording video which lead to me not finishing until mid-day Wednesday. On Thursday, things were hard-locking right and left while I was trying to edit video. On Friday, as I prepare to replace my boot drive and reinstall Windows, I ran into a version control error that wasted an hour of my time and ended up requiring me to re-download a 4.5 GB repository.

Good times!

Somehow, despite all that nonsense, I managed to get two new tutorials posted. Five Minute React 17 - Installing Passport covers getting the module set up that we'll need for authentication, and tying it into our user model. Five Minute React 18 - Setting Up Testing gets into the basics of JavaScript unit testing, and gets us ready to write our first test. I also managed to write/record/edit two more tutorials, which we'll post next week and which deal with writing our first test (which will intentionally break) and then writing an API endpoint that will allow the test to pass.

I also managed to do some work on the comment system, but honestly a ton of my time this week went to dealing with, diagnosing, and fixing computer problems. That's how it goes sometimes, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely frustrated. This PC's been rock solid for four years. Having it decide to partially die on me a few weeks after launching my own business is ... ill-timed. Stupid computers, I'd hate you, if you hadn't been responsible for the vast majority of good things that have happened to me in my life! 😜

All right, I've got a new SSD to install and Windows to set up on it. Wish me luck.

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