This Week(ish) in CloseBrace

Happy upcoming Thanksgiving to my American readers (and to my non-American readers ... happy upcoming Thursday). So, has it been more than a week already since I embarked upon this crazy project full-time? It has! Let's post some updates about where we're at.

First off, as you may have noticed given that you're, well, here, the blog has launched! My current goal is to make short updates once or twice a week just letting you know what all I'm working on, whether it's sexy stuff like testing out video editing in Adobe Premiere, or less exciting stuff like "developing concrete milestones," both of which are things I've worked on in the past week or so.

Other things that got done:

  • Mapped out the next two years of CloseBrace
  • Put together a comprehensive feature list for the site
  • Created several biz-oriented documents
  • Did a little biz-dev work I'm not able to talk about just yet.
  • Got my newsletter up and running in Mailchimp and sent out the first weekly mail.
  • Tweeted a bunch
  • Set up a (currently empty) YouTube channel
  • Lots of other behind-the-scenes stuff.

Next week, we're going to be talking more about what tutorials will be coming to CloseBrace, and I'll also be delivering an estimated launch date. Oh, and there might even be a video blog, too. Keep an eye out!

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