This Year in CloseBrace - 2016

Welcome to the first of hopefully many installments of "this year in CloseBrace," a year-end wrap-up of all the major stuff that happened with the site over the past twelve months. Of course, in this instance, we don't have twelve months to cover. While there was plenty of thought put into CloseBrace before I made my decision to go full-time on the site starting in Mid-November, most of the actual work has been done since then. So it's really "This Slightly-more-than-a-month in CloseBrace" but ... hey, you gotta start somewhere.

So, what've I accomplished for CloseBrace in 2016? A lot, actually, which is something I feel really good about! For starters, I mean … I went full-time on my own business! That's something few people ever get to do, and I'm happy to have taken the plunge. It's already been an incredible learning experience so far, and I've still got a long way to go.

Beyond that, I launched this blog; did a whole bunch of business document writing and general setup; established several social media accounts; recorded, edited, and debuted my first video; established clear development milestones; created the design for CloseBrace and began chopping it up into HTML and CSS using flexbox; chose a CMS platform and began building out the site and wiring it into the database (work which continues as we speak), and just in the past few days have explored several different advertising solutions and begun the process of setting up payment gateways for the CloseBrace Pro subscription plan.

That's pretty good for a little over a month!

So what does 2017 hold for CloseBrace? Well, a whole lot of development, first and foremost, to get the site finished. I'm going to need some beta testers once we get closer, so stay tuned for that – beta testing will come with some perks that will extend out past the site launch.

I'll also be building out several tutorials (both video and text) with which to launch. No point launching a site if it doesn't have some content! Once we've got those two things in place, we'll launch (still on pace for February 6th), and then from there it's all about producing more tutorial content and adapting to what CloseBrace readers are looking for.

There'll be plenty to talk about while all of that's going on, so you can look forward to regular updates at this blog. I'm on vacation from now until January 3rd, so you can expect updates to resume at that time. Until then, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, or otherwise wonderful couple of weeks. Take care, and I'll catch you all in the new year!

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