This YEAR in CloseBrace - November 17, 2017

On November 14th, 2016, I came off the two-week vacation I'd allowed myself after finishing up with the last of my contract clients, and began working full-time exclusively on CloseBrace. I was starting from zero. I had an idea, and had done a bit of brainstorming, but that was it. Everything else, from writing up roadmaps and planning documents to incorporation and trademark pursuit, to designing and building the site, to learning how to edit video and putting together the first few tutorials, lay ahead of me.

One year later, and here we are. I got the business stuff taken care of, built the site from scratch atop the excellent Keystone CMS platform, and have created a ton of content, including as of today 73 Five Minute React tutorials representing over 6.5 hours of video content (and a whole lotta text)!

I'm really proud of where I've taken CloseBrace, and am excited for the future. Thanks to everyone who's come on this journey with me so far. Your comments on the website and on YouTube have really made me feel like I'm helping people, which was the whole point of this endeavor. There are big changes on the horizon for this site, I think. I hope you'll stick with me through them.

And now, on to the tutorials! We had two this week, as usual. The first was Five Minute React 69 - Add Album Front-End, in which we put together the components and actions that will allow a user to add albums to their MusicList. The second was Five Minute React 70 - Add Album Back-End, in which we create the relevant API endpoints and reducers to make those "add to my list" buttons actually do something. Next week will bring Five Minute React 71 - Saving Music Data Locally, which will allow us to avoid hammering the Discogs API and getting temporarily locked out, and Five Minute React 72 - Search and Add Artists, in which we do all the stuff it took us three tutorials to do for albums in just one tutorial! That one throws a lot of code at you, but I'm confident you all can handle it.

This tutorial series has gone on way longer than I expected it to. My initial guess was about forty episodes, but it turns out that breaking complex things up into granular five minute chunks ends up producing a LOT of chunks! We're actually closing in on the end, though. There are only a few more pieces I think are vital for this demo app, and then we'll do a few tutorials on cleanup and prep for launch, and a few tutorials on deploying with different hosts. Five Minute React should end in early 2018. I'm looking forward to doing some work on new subjects ... preferably standalone tutorials that aren't part of a gigantic series, at least for a while.

The rest of my work this week was all business-related and I'm not yet ready to reveal the details there, so I'll wrap this up for now. Next week will be short due to Thanksgiving, but I plan on posting both tutorials (probably on Monday and Wednesday). There will be no blog update or newsletter, though, until the following Friday.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you have a great weekend!

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