Welcome to CloseBrace Updates

You're not an official startup company until you have a blog, right? Well, here we are with our first real update, stock photo of launching rockets and all! CloseBrace Updates will be a place where I post my plans for the site, development updates, announcements that aren't major enough need an email update, and various other things too long for Twitter.

So, since we have this shiny new blog (running on a custom install of Ghost.js, an all-JavaScript blog solution, and hosted at Digital Ocean), let's talk for a bit about what CloseBrace is going to be about.

First and foremost, the answer is: JavaScript. There are lots of great languages out there, and I've got nothing against those others that are often used as building blocks on the web, including PHP, Ruby, C++/C#, and Java ... but that's not what we'll be focusing on here. CloseBrace will be a resource for top to bottom JavaScript solutions. Oh, we'll feature a few other technologies here, most likely – stuff like MongoDB for example, but the core focus is JavaScript. Node.js, React, Express, hell we'll probably even do a bit of jQuery from time to time. I hope to explore Angular 2, Meteor, and other frameworks if time and resources allow. Part of what we cover will be up to you, the readers. Tell me what you want, and I'll do my best to get on it!

The tone will be about what you see here, and what you've seen in my existing tutorials. Humorous but helpful, not too serious, a little sarcastic at times ... you gotta be who you are, right? Overall, though, we're going to be positive here and not spend a lot of time on the negative aspects of JS development. This site is a celebration of the fact that making cool apps with JavaScript is a lot of fun, and we're going to be keeping that in mind. The goal will be to foster a friendly, positive community of readers who like JavaScript and want to help others who're struggling with it. CloseBrace is an inclusive community. There will be a zero-tolerance policy for racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, or any similar behaviors. I would rather have a smaller group of users that I can be proud of, rather than a horde of users I think are jerks!

I'll be posting more info on privacy and similar topics in the near future, but I'll be straightforward here: my goal is to find an advertising partner with minimal tracking (preferably none) that runs useful, tasteful, non-annoying ads. My hope is that those of you who run ad blockers will choose either to whitelist CloseBrace, or subscribe to a premium tier that disables advertising. CloseBrace will never run auto-playing video ads (except any that play on our tutorial videos, the auto-playing of which will be toggleable), we will never run those god-awful ads that turn random words into mouseovers, and we will never run pop-ups or pop-unders. We will never allow malware on our site. We will never present you with an alert you cannot dismiss. If you see these things on the site, you should report them immediately.

Additionally, even though it works, you will never get a full-screen overlay on CloseBrace asking you to sign up for our newsletter (or anything else). If you do choose to sign up, you can be assured that we will never sell your email address, nor will we do that obnoxious thing where we keep making up new newsletters and auto-subscribing people who already opted out of our mailings. Looking at you, Twitter ...

This site isn't about using frustrating, invasive advertising to squeeze as much money as possible out of every page. It's about providing a positive resource to a community and reaching people who are interested in the latest and greatest stuff happening in the JavaScript world. I hope you'll join me as I build and launch this thing. It's just me, for now, so please be patient. And please sign up for the newsletter!

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