We're Live!

Well, friends, I've pulled the trigger. After months of development (more time than I'd hoped, but still a pretty decent sprint!), CloseBrace is live with seven new tutorials!

Launching things is tough. And scary. As a friend of mine said, "it's way easier to not ship than to ship," and I have to admit I'm a little terrified to actually have this thing out there under the eyes of more than just a handful of beta testers. Still, I'm proud of what I've built, and excited to keep adding to it, improving it, and cleaning up any issues people find.

Here's a partial list of everything that went into getting this thing out there for you to take a look at:

  • Designed CloseBrace
  • Created HTML/Sass for CloseBrace
  • Installed and configured Keystone.js
  • Set up Ubuntu 16 on DigitalOcean
  • Configured Nginx to serve multiple secure websites
  • Wrote all of the code necessary for Keystone to serve content
  • Wrote all of the authentication front-end for Keystone
  • Integrated Stripe payment process with Closebrace
  • Scripted seven new tutorial videos
  • Recorded new tutorial videos
  • Edited new tutorial videos
  • Post-processed new tutorial videos
  • Wrote tutorial text
  • Got everything formatted and looking good
  • Killed 133 Bug Reports / Feature Requests and counting

I'm pretty happy with all the work I've done. Now I just have to keep it up! I hope you all enjoy the site, and are excited for what's to come.

*Image copyright: [melis / 123RF Stock Photo](https://www.123rf.com/profile_melis)*
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